How Do I Keep My Pool Water Clean?

How Do I Keep My Pool Water Clean? 1

How Do I Keep My Pool Water Clean?

As summer approaches, it’s important to make sure your pool water is clean and sanitary.

Whether your pool is above or in-ground, it’s essential that you keep your pool water clean for safe swimming and enjoyable experiences all summer long.

Read on for a few helpful tips to show you how to keep pool water clean the easy way.

Check on and Adjust Pool Water Chemical Levels 

In order to keep pool water clean, it needs to have a specific level of chemicals to kill an array of bacteria and germs. The chlorine in your pool is crucial, so check your levels as often as possible and adjust the amount of chlorine as needed.

You should also check the water’s pH level at least twice per week to determine how alkaline or acidic it is. You can find pool water testing kits at most home improvement stores that offer fast results for easy maintenance.

Add the appropriate amount of chemicals to get your pH levels in check. You can also supplement chlorine if the levels are too low, which will help ensure the water is clean and sanitary for swimming.

Shock the Pool to Keep Pool Water Clean

Cloudy pool water isn’t just unattractive to look at, it’s also a sign that there’s a problem with your water. To keep your pool water sparkling and crystal clear, use a shock treatment to kill off any excess bacteria or algae.

This special shock treatment delivers a super-sized dose of chlorine and other important pool chemicals to the water. Be sure you read all of the directions on the packaging closely to ensure proper administration of the treatment. You can find pool shock treatments at pool supply stores and some big-box retailers.

If you’re seeing an abundance of green algae that won’t go away, you may need to administer an algaecide. This product is specially made to kill off algae which can keep the water clear and free of slippery, sticky algae that tend to grow on the walls and the bottom of your pool.

Practice Proper Cleaning Habits

Aside from chemical treatments, you should also skim your pool on a regular basis. Leaves, insects, and other debris can accumulate quickly and make the water seem dirty.

Use a pool cleaning net to remove organic materials and any other debris you see. Pool filters can remove small particles, but bigger items need to be removed manually.

Clean your pool once a day if you have a lot of trees. If not, you might be able to get away with cleaning it just once per week. A pool cover can be a great way to keep excess debris out when your pool is not in use. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep pool water clean with minimal effort.

A Clean Pool is a Happy Pool

When you keep pool water clean, you’ll have a safe swimming environment and a beautiful backyard. Use these tips to keep the water clean, and make sure you check the chemical and pH levels regularly.

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