What Is A Chemical Only Pool Service?

Do you have a swimming pool that needs cleaning but don’t have the time to keep it in the best possible condition? Well, if this is the case, you’re in luck. We offer a weekly pool cleaning service whereby we maintain your pool for you while you focus on other more pressing issues in your life. The service we offer may save you a ton of time, as over the coming weeks and months, you do not need to worry about keeping your pool chemically balanced with our chemical only pool service.

Chemical Only Service

The chemical only service that we provide is a weekly service, meaning that we perform it every week. We add chlorine to the pool as well as monitor the water chemistry weekly. In doing so, we maintain the pH balance as well as the total alkalinity of your pool, ensuring that it is both safe and clean. Also included in the chemical only service is a complete algae treatment. The algae treatment ensures that your swimming pools have clear and clean water.

You are also supplied with up to 20 lbs. of free D.E. every year. Our highly trained technicians are more than capable of taking care of your needs and, in doing so, can save you both money and time. It is also important to note that the chemicals needed to make your swimming pools clean are not stored at your home as they can be dangerous. We bring the right chemicals to your home whenever we need to use them.

The chemical only pool service is perfect for anyone who enjoys pool maintenance or likes to do things themselves. This service is only inclusive of the chemicals and monitoring the water chemistry of your pool, and not any repair work or other pool maintenance.

We are a service company that is both family-owned and operated. We have been providing our excellent pool service to many pools over the years with plenty of satisfied customers. Our weekly service is highly rated, and should you be interested, feel free to give us a call today.

chemical only pool service

Chemical Only vs. Traditional Pool Service

If you are still a bit confused as to what the difference is between the chemical only pool service and traditional pool service, then we explain that difference here.

The chemical service involves us handling all the chemicals and chlorine that your pool may need. It involves us making sure that the water chemistry of your pool is perfect and safe for you to swim in. This service can be for a pool and spa. In this service, we test the water for its calcium hardness and chlorine levels.

Knowing which chemicals and how much of each chemical to put into your pools can get a bit complicated, often resulting in mistakes. Our technicians are both skilled and experienced; as a result, they know exactly how much chlorine to add as well as which chemicals to add to the water.

Our company provides this weekly service to many pools to keep them clean. Keeping the chemistry of these pools at a good level is our primary concern, making sure that all the needed chemicals and chlorine added to the water for the perfect swimming experience.

A traditional pool service is different from this as it not only includes the chemical service but is also inclusive of repairs to your pool and pool equipment. The traditional service is more suited to people who do not have the right amount of time needed to take care of pools in general.

The traditional service includes us providing maintenance to your pool equipment, such as the pump. You may find that with time the pump and its filter can become damaged or may be in need of replacement. A traditional pool service would include us constantly checking the pump and filter and making sure that everything is in working order. Should the filter become damaged, you may be in need of a new one, which we happily provide to you.

Your pool skimmer is designed to keep your pools clear of any debris. When the baskets attached to skimmer becomes full, it needs to be replaced, or it can cause some damage. With the traditional pool service, we monitor the skimmer and its baskets to ensure that no damage is done to it. We also replace the baskets should the need arise.

These two services are different from one another; however, the traditional service is inclusive of the chemical service. What this means is that should you subscribe to the traditional service, you are still provided with chlorine and any other chemical you may need to get. We still come and add the chlorine and another chemical to your pool on a weekly basis, ensuring that your pool gets everything needed.

What’s Right for Your Swimming Pools

Different swimming pools have different needs. This is based on the size and other factors of the pool. Some pools have saltwater, which does not require chlorine to be added, whereas a non-salt water pool needs constant chlorine to keep it clean. Saltwater pools also require less maintenance than non-salt water pools as the salt acts as a deterrent to algae and other bacteria.

Regardless of the pools you may have, our technicians are equipped to give the needed care and treatment to it. The weekly service means that we treat the pools four times a month. With every passing week and month, you’ll notice that your pools are going to be in great shape and are always ready for you to jump in.

The pools we work on are all different, but regardless of whether they have been neglected for months on months or not, we provide the best weekly service, keeping them clean.

The Bottom Line

If you need to keep your pool clean but do not have the time, let us take care of it every week, and you’ll see the benefits in the coming months without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money.