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Are You Working Too Hard to Maintain Your Pool? 1

Are You Working Too Hard to Maintain Your Pool?

In the quest for a crystal clear, sparkling pool, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the many aspects of pool maintenance. Some pool professionals may even add to this confusion by suggesting extensive practices that aren’t always necessary, ultimately leading to a lot more work on your part. Let’s take a closer look[…]

yellow algae in pool in santa rosa

Yellow Algae In Pool

Yellow Algae In Pool Dealing with yellow algae in your pool can present a significant challenge for many pool owners. It is a stubborn type of algae that can be tricky to eliminate completely, leading to frustration and inconvenience. At Pool Chemical Service, we understand the complexities of tackling yellow algae and have the expertise[…]

Red Algae in Pool

What Causes Red Algae in a Pool?

Red algae is a fascinating form of organic life. The vast array of algae species on Earth ranges from an estimated 30,000 to over 1 million, showcasing its remarkable diversity. Among the many types of algae, there are select varieties that commonly afflict pool owners. Contrary to its name, red algae in pools is not[…]